Ice Wireless Launches 3G HSPA+ in Whitehorse, Yukon

Advanced Next Generation Network Delivers Data Speeds of up to 21 Mbit/s

WHITEHORSE, YT – November 8, 2013 – Ice Wireless, a leading mobile network operator, today announced the launch of 3G HSPA+ in Whitehorse, Yukon, bringing customers in Whitehorse the most advanced 3G network in Northern Canada.

Ice Wireless 3G provides a number of new benefits to customers, including:

• Faster speeds. 3G technology is capable of delivering speeds up to 21 Mbit/s. Customers can surf the internet with ease, download the latest applications and games, and check email on their smartphones faster than ever before.

• Advanced technology. The Ice Wireless network is the most advanced 3G network in Northern Canada, integrated with Iristel’s international carrier grade VoIP network to introduce a multitude of new features for mobile devices, such as High Definition Voice, which provides crystal clear voice quality, and Presence Management, which enables users to hop a call from landline to mobile network without having to drop the call.

• Cool new smartphones. Ice Wireless offers the latest in 3G-compatible devices, including new 3G smartphones and tablets.

“We are proud to deliver to our customers in Whitehorse the most advanced 3G network in Northern Canada. We are delivering more of what customers want from their mobile experience —faster speeds, better plans, and a selection of all the latest smartphones,” said Cameron Zubko, Chief Operating Officer. “

The Ice Wireless network has been designed and built using Huawei core HSPA+/ UMTS equipment. Huawei is a leader in telecommunications around the world and has become an industry standard in Canada. An estimated 75% of Canada’s cellular operators use Huawei equipment to power their core networks.

Ice Wireless’ 3G Network

Ice Wireless is committed to bringing 3G mobile service to those who need it most, the people of Canada’s North. This launch of 3G in Whitehorse, Yukon is part of a $12.4 million investment plan announced last fall to expand and enhance telecommunications services in 9 cities and towns across the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut by the end of 2013. Through this investment, Ice Wireless has committed to provide its customers with new mobile services and high-speed Internet access across its service area. Ice Wireless’s innovation and investment has resulted in the most advanced 3G HSPA+ network in Northern Canada today.

About Ice Wireless

Ice Wireless is a facilities based regional mobile network operator (MNO) that delivers state-of-the-art 3G HSPA+/UMTS technology to rural and remote areas of Canada. Ice Wireless was launched in Inuvik, Northwest Territories in 2005. Ice Wireless operates on the 850/1900 MHz spectrum under license from Industry Canada.

Today, Ice Wireless has operations across Northern Canada. The Ice Wireless network covers 70% of the population of the Yukon and Northwest Territories and also provides service to Iqaluit, Nunavut. Ice Wireless is the exclusive roaming partner of Rogers Wireless and Fido in Northern Canada, and Ice Wireless customers roam on the Rogers Wireless network when travelling outside of their service area.

Ice Wireless is supported by a strong network of independent agents, who make shopping for the company’s wireless voice and data products more convenient for local residents and businesses. Ice Wireless offers all of the newest smartphones, enabling its customers to surf the internet with ease, download the latest applications and games, and check their email on their smartphones.

Ice Wireless has established a strategic partnership with Iristel, one of Canada’s largest VoIP service providers, a registered CLEC that has begun operations in Northern Canada under the CRTC decision to open the serving area to local competition. Ice Wireless’ integration with Iristel’s international carrier grade VOIP network has created a unique and dynamic system in which mobile phones and VoIP phones are all integrated in an owned and self-controlled network.

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