Ice Wireless Lowers Canada-Wide Voice and Data Roaming Rates by up to 75%

Ice Wireless Customers can now use their smartphones anywhere in Canada for a new, reduced price

YELLOWKNIFE, NT– March 1, 2015 – Ice Wireless, a leading 3G/4G telecommunications company in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, announced today a significant price reduction in voice and data roaming fees.

The price change will be as follows:

— Postpaid Data Roaming Fees will be lowered by 75%, from $0.40/MB to $0.10/MB.

— Postpaid Voice Roaming Fees will be lowered by 67%, from $0.30/minute to $0.10/minute.

— The $10/month ‘Roaming Pack’ Monthly Recurring Charge will be dropped.


“We believe our customers should be able to travel across the country without incurring high roaming fees,” said Cameron Zubko, Chief Operating Officer of Ice Wireless. “So we have worked with our partner networks to lower the cost of roaming and we have committed to pass these savings on to our customers.”

The new rates will take effect on March 1, 2015 and will affect all new and existing customers.

Ice Wireless customers use their smartphones across Canada under a roaming partnership agreement with Rogers Wireless.

About Ice Wireless

Ice Wireless is a facilities-based mobile network operator that delivers state-of-the-art 3G/4G HSPA+ technology to rural and remote areas of Canada. Ice Wireless was launched in Inuvik, Northwest Territories in 2005.

Today, Ice Wireless has operations across Canada’s North. The Ice Wireless network covers 75% of the population of the Yukon and Northwest Territories and also provides service to Iqaluit, Nunavut. Ice Wireless is the exclusive roaming partner of Rogers Wireless and Fido in Canada’s North, and Ice Wireless customers roam on the Rogers Wireless networks when travelling outside of their service area. Ice Wireless operates on the 850/1900 MHz spectrum under license from Industry Canada.

Ice Wireless is supported by a network of independent agents, who make shopping for the company’s wireless voice and data products more convenient for local residents and businesses. Ice Wireless offers all of the newest smartphones, enabling its customers to surf the internet with ease, download the latest applications and games, and check their email on their smartphones.

Ice Wireless has established a strategic partnership with Iristel, a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier and one of Canada’s largest VoIP service providers, Ice Wireless’ integration with Iristel’s international carrier grade VOIP network has created a unique and dynamic system in which mobile phones and VoIP phones are all integrated in an owned and self-controlled network.

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